Året der gik 2017

It is finally time to look back at 2017 - a year that has brought many smiles as well as tears.

2017 had the worst start possibly. We lost of beautiful mare Maclady due to hepatic lipidosis.

She fought with everything she had at Ansager animal hospital, but at the end we decided it was for the best that se was put to sleep. ❤️

We had 6 beautiful and healthy foals, who we look forward to follow in the future. There is nothing better than having them run to you in the field - it can cure even the worst of days.

The show season started in Skive with Plato’s first offspring, Lovely-Lady. She was once again awarded with Best in Show - with Maclady being her dam, it is safe to say that we were extra proud and happy. ⭐️

Chocolate of Transy was awarded the maximum 24 point and honorary prize at the annual National Show! Her filly foal, Vihrsgaardens Choco-Chantal, was awarded Best SH foal. ⭐️

The biggest event of the year is without a doubt the mare assessment. We had decided put two of Jupiters mares forward - Vihrsgaardens Pearl-Perfection on Zealand and Vihrsgaardens Millie-Marvelous in Jutland. Both girls were awarded 1. Class, Standard Champion and Over-All Champion. There is no need to say that we are so happy and proud of our breeding and that the plan we have made for our stud paid off. To be able to win both Over-All Championships with homebred mares is dream come true ⭐️🥇🏆

At Ribe agricultural show we brought Vihrsgaardens Pearl-Perfection who was placed first in a big class and awarded the maximum 24 points, honorary prize and Best Mare Interbreed! ⭐️ Happy, happy, happy!

The last show of the season was the Christmas Show. We had broght Lovely-Lady and Rosepearl of Transy (26 years old). Lovely-Lady finished the year as she started it - with the honour of being Junior Champion and Best In Show! Rosepearl was awarded Veteran Champion and Best In Show Rec. It was fun and great way to finish off the year! ⭐️

The year unfortunately finshed as it started. We lost our amazing two-year old filly Marielle. She got ill very quickly and fought a strong fight with our vet. At the end she was put at rest and is now with Maclady at a better place. ⭐️

2017 was also the year it got clear who we can call friends and who don’t wish the best upon us. We have decided that everything happens for a reason - and as a family we stand stronger. 🍀

We feel lucky that we get to spend time together around the ponies - and luckily no one can influence the importance of that. To be able to enjoy fields of beautiful black ponies cures a bad day and makes you forget all the bad you see and hear.

In 2018 we celebrate the 20th annivesary of Stud Vihrsgaarden - a time we wouldn’t be without. The years have brought many tears and and unforgetable moments - but most importantly we got to spend time with what matters to us: the strong black Shetland pony. The little pony has brought us in a wide range of Europe and given us loyal friends who value the same as us. We especially appreciate the value of our British friendships. We sadly lost a good friend in 2017, Mr. Ken Scott. We will forever be grateful for his influence in our stock and succes ❤️

We look forward to the next 20 years and hope for equally as many fun and memorable moments with the black gold ❤️ That piece of gold is something we would never be without.