Stud Transy

Et verdenskendt stutteri, som har eksisteret i over 100 år. Et familie stutteri, som har været med til at starte historien om shetlandsponyen - det verdens berømte Transy Stud.

Vi har fået Dick til at skrive et kort resume om, hvordan starten på deres historie startede.

Written by: Dougal W.H. Dick:

The Transy stud was founded in 1896 by my Grandfather William Mungall, who purchased 2 Shetland geldings to use as driving ponies. The actual breeding part of the stud started in 1897 when a mare and a stallion Joan and Derby were purchased. These two ponies were added to in 1900 when my grandfather purchased six ponies at the Londonderry sale at Seaham, County Durham. Included in the six was the mare Silver Queen with a filly foal at foot Stella.

Silver Queen and her filly foal

In the following years two further stallions were purchased Seaweed and Pole Star. Both these stallions were very successfully used in the stud.


Other very important stallions used in the stud in the early years were Bergastor of Transy whose sire was Pole Star and Sonyad of Transy whose sire was Seaweed.


This was the 1st prize group at Highland show, Dumfriew 1938.


When the fashion for heavier and larger ponies started the stallion Dunsmuir was purchased and used in the stud with disappointing results. This stallion was also used on Harvistoun Stud mares as well as the Netherley Stud with very few good results.

Moving on to the 1950s Joseph of Marshwood was purchased from Mrs Cox and proved to be a great asset to the Transy Stud.


A few years later Pericles of Netherley was obtained from Miss A.R. Ritchie, he proved to be an outstanding sire and produced many top class ponies.

The above lists the main stallions used in the Transy Stud until the 1970’s.

The first sire introduced into the Stud was Hector


Proprietors: Dougal W.H. Dick, Carolyn M.C. Pleass & Sarah K.H. Ross