Shetlandsponyer, som viser historiebøgerne i deres eksteriør: originalitet og karakteristika

Stud Vihrsgaarden


We aim to breed the original Shetland Pony based on the British Breed Standard.

The history behind the breed and the pony is a very important part of the foundation in our breed-program.

We find it important to breed the classic British type to preserve the originality and characteristics of the Shetland Pony.

"Quality breeding isn´t evrything, it´s the only thing!"

The Internationalshow

in Denmark, 2018:

- 5 x Gold medals

- 4 x 1st places

- Best 7-14 years Black Stallion

- Senior Black Standard Stallion   Champion

- Black Standard Stallion Champion

- Best placed danish breed black pony

- Best 1-year old Black Standard Filly

- Best 5-6 years Standard Yeld Black Mare

- Best Black Veteran

- Veteran Champion

We are a small hobby stud who mainly breeds standard black Shetland Ponies out of the best British bloodlines: Transy, Waulkmill, Netherley and Marshwood. These are our foundation, because we value quality over quantity. We value that our breeding stock succeeds in the breed as well as the show ring – both National and International.

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Two memorable videos:

Vihrsgårdens Pearl - Plato, Over - All Champion, 2014

Vihrsgårdens Pearl - Perfection, Over - All Champion, 2017

Vihrsgårdens Millie - Marvelous, Over - All Champion, 2017